Introductory provisions

The event organizer is WINE TIME s.r.o, registered in Kubelíkova 29, Žižkov, 130 00 Prague 3, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File 124259, and the event is held at the company's restaurant - restaurant LA FINESTRA IN CUCINA, located at Prague 1, Platnéřská 13. The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") are valid for this event, which can be ordered online via the lafinestra.lacollezione.cz website. These GTCs are valid and effective from September 1, 2018.

Article I. - Participants in a contractual relationship

The parties to the contract are:

  • Operator
  • A customer who may be both a natural person and a legal person (hereinafter referred to as the "customer")

Article II. - The subject of the contractual relationship

The operator undertakes to ensure the offered event according to the customer's order and to allow the customer to participate in this event. The customer undertakes to pay the operator a deposit for the participation in this event.

Article III. - Establishment of a contractual relationship

The contractual relationship is established by the operator's confirmation of the customer's order. The customer's order must include the event description in accordance with the operator's offer, the date and place of the transaction, the identification details of the operator and the customer (name, surname, place of residence or business name, registered office and identification number for legal entities, mail address), the number of people participating in the event, and the amount of the deposit or contract price for participating in an event for a single person event. for all concerned. The order can be done electronically via the lafinestra.lacollezione.cz website. The Operator undertakes to confirm the received order immediately after payment by payment card.

Article IV. - Participating in events

The event is held at the La Finestra in Cucina restaurant, located at Platnéřská 13, Praha 1. Participants are required to attend the event venue on a designated day and booked time. The entry will be made possible by communicating the name of the client to the first person who arrives in the booked time at the venue. If the customer does not arrive within 30minutes of the booked reservation time, and unless there is a different agreement between the parties, the operator reserves the right to allow another person to participate in the event. In such a case, the customer is obliged to pay a contractual penalty to the operator for an unused reservation equal to the prepayment of the amount /​ advance and the operator is entitled to offset this payment unilaterally to cover the contractual penalty.

Article V. - Price and Payment Terms

The customer undertakes to pay the price /​ deposit for participation in the event at the amount specified by the operator. The price /​ deposit for participation in the event is payable immediately after ordering, and it is online with a credit card via a secure system.

Article VI. - Changes or cancellations

The customer is entitled to cancel his reservation in writing (via the button in the registration email or in writing at info@lafinestra.cz). Upon cancellation of the reservation within 48hours prior to the start of the event, a refunded deposit will be refunded to the customer, which will be deducted from the money transfer fees, within 5 working days of the cancellation of the reservation.

In the event that a customer cancels his reservation within 48hours of an event or can not attend the event for any reason, he or she is not entitled to a refund, but is entitled to leave the reservation to another person.

The Operator reserves the right to cancel the event or event. to allow the customer to take advantage of a substitute term if the event prevents a serious, difficult to overcome obstacle. If the event is canceled, the customer is entitled to a 100% refund of the prepaid deposit.

Article VII. - Rights and obligations of the parties

An operator is entitled to exclude from participation in an event participants who repeatedly or grossly violate the instructions of the operator's representative, good morals, or unduly restrict the other participants in the event. In such a case, the customer is not entitled to a refund or discount on the participation fee. Event participants are required to inform the operator's representative about food allergies, or other illnesses they suffer, which should be taken into account during the event, before commencing the service.

Article VIII. - Material responsability

Event participants are required to ask the operator's representative to deposit the items brought in to La Finestra in Cucina restaurant, the value of which exceeds 3 000Kč in a special place designated to store such valuable items before the event commences. In the event of failure to comply with this obligation, the operator shall not be liable for the damage caused to the goods brought. Customer is responsible for damage caused to the operator.

Article X. - Privacy Policy

By making an order in accordance with these GTCs, the customer agrees to comply with the legal regulations of the Czech Republic, in particular with the provisions of the Act. C. 101/​2000 Coll. On the Protection of Personal Data and EU Regulation 2016/​679 (GDPR), the operator has processed and collected personal data to the extent provided by the customer for the purpose of offering the business and services provided or mediated by the operator, even for the purpose of disseminating business communications according to Act. C. 480/​2004 Coll., On Certain Information Society Services, as amended. The Customer may at any time withdraw his consent to the processing of his personal data at any time in writing or electronically. The Customer expressly declares that it also agrees to acquire image or video-​audio recordings from the event. These records may be used by the operator for their presentation in particular on websites or other commercial materials.

Article XI. - Final Provisions

The rights and obligations of the parties explicitly not governed by a confirmed order or these GPAs are governed by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.