At La Finestra in Cucina we specialize in the preparation of meat coming from organic farms in Italy, Spain and the USA.

La Finestra in Cucina was opened in 2009 as the second restaurant of Italian chef Riccardo Lucque. The restaurant features an open kitchen where you can observe chef Tomáš Juřík performing his artistry as he prepares your chosen meal. La Finestra specializes in meat dishes.

Beside the culinary experience, La Finestra wants to build the largest wine cellar of quality Italian wines in the Czech Republic. The adapted wine cellar was installed for this purpose.


Discover the unique charm of the wine cellar at La Finestra and take advantage of this exclusive and private environment in the very centre of Prague. The wine cellar can provide an excellent location to arrange informal meetings, business evenings, family celebrations or press conferences. You can participate in our Italian Wine Tasting Courses or tasting dinners taking place here and get inspired to organize your private or corporate meetings.


In January 2012, Riccardo Lucque and Ondřej Rákosník have opened a new shop bistro, La Bottega di Finestra, which offers traditional Italian delicacies.

The front of the shop, which operates as a bistro, is where you can order breakfast, enjoy Gianni Frasi coffee, have a quick lunch from the daily menu, or simply buy food to take away. A wide range of wines, salamis, Parma hams and cheese encourage relaxing shopping and dining.

In the back of the shop are daily fresh fish and meat including a unique box for curing meat.

In addition, you can buy authentic Italian pastries, which are baked every day by Mimmo, our baker from Puglia in southern Italy, and taste the desserts prepared by the Italian confectioner Danielo or chocolate delicacies from Claudio Corallo.

The main supplier of meat certified “old” meat is Mr. Domenico Celli, breeder of rare Marchigiana beef.